Thoughts after watching the medical episode of Satyameva Jayate

I could watch the ‘medical’ episode of Amir Khan’s Satyameva Jayate only this week.
Thought it was a mere slanderous program for first few minutes, where lot of allegations were thrown at Doctors/ Hospitals with out a neutral person to judge the allegations. Only Amir Khan’s smile and applause of the studio audience where the judges.

It became better with Dr Gulati. His call for a Nationalised Health Care System is some thing some of us were asking for a long time. Actually I expected a call for Nationalising Pharma Companies too because then only we can provide all people with cheap medicines.
In a programme sponsored by all major Capitalist Giants of India and anchored by leading star of multi million worth Bollywood it was amusing to see a such a call.

Amir Khan’s request that only service minded people should enter Medical profession is as absurd as saying an actor should act in only Art/well meaning films.
Why dont people start realising that Medical Profession is just another profession in the World?
It is true that things are rotten in health care system in India as it is in any other field.
Morality of Doctors will be as good or as bad as that of the Society in which they work.


Is this hypocrisy?

3 BJP ministers of Karnataka who were caught on camera watching porn video on cellphone in the assembly, submitted their resignation with in hours of the scandal becoming public. CM had asked for their resignation after public pressure. Link

How easily these 3 ‘morally’ tainted ministers resigned? Compare this with the difficulty in getting resignation letters from Yeddy, Kalmadi, Raja etc who were not ‘morally’ tainted. Is there an element of moral policing in the way these ministers houses were stoned? Is this incident a victory or defeat for moral Police?