How clean is SIT’s clean chit to Modi

Only a die hard irrational fan of Modi can believe he is not guilty of instigating and covering up the riots


“Hitler is essentially a moderate and decent person”, “the Times” described him despite repeated attacks on his political adversaries and jews. Most newspapers were prepared to give Hitler a chance, implying that he might settle down into a strong but conventional head of the government, once the initial crisis had been overcome. Germany was seen as the best hope of preventing the spread of Bolshevism. However objectionable it might be in some respects, Nazism they claimed, was preferable to communism ……… and, the rest is history.

This is not to suggest that Modi will start waging war on other nations once he become prime minister. I do realize that we live in a different world today, and this is just to emphasize that how conviniently people can downplay the genuine concerns, completely disregarding the dangers that might be coming along their choice.

No discussion on Modi is complete without a…

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2 thoughts on “How clean is SIT’s clean chit to Modi

  1. The official figure for the number of Shias killed in targeted killings last year in Pakistan is 550+. Just last year. Just Shias, not Hindus nor Ahmediyas. The figure for the past 12 years is over 5000. During this time, Gujarat had not seen a single riot.

    • Sraboni, are there any Muslim-Hindu clashes in Pakistan in last 30 years ? When a community is so much suppressed by the State, there is no need for riots to make them kneel down.
      Now about Shias in Pakistan. 50 yrs ago there were not much killings of Shias in Pakistan. Then the opposition of Religio fascists were against only Hindus & Christians. As they are almost finished off , they target those Muslims who make the religion ‘impure’. Similarly the targets of Islamists in Bangladesh are ex Muslim Atheists.
      In Modi ‘s RSS Raj a time will come when they target those Hindus who according them make Hinduism impure. This may be in form of Dress code for Women, or fatwa against people using alcohol or those who eat beef.
      Should we go the Pakistan way ?

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