Method of Science

A patient: Doctor, for treating Asthma which is better, Allopathy (Modern Medicine), Ayurveda or Homeopathy? Is Naturopathy and Acupuncture useful?
Me: How did you come to my clinic?
Patient: by bus.
Me: how did you book an appointment?
Patient: by telephone.
Me: I am sure you know that bus and telephone were discovered using the methods of Science.
Patient: yes.
Me: you must have had an x ray taken and your blood tested?
Patient: yes
Me: x ray machine and lab machines are all developed using methods of science, right?
Patient: yes.
Me: so is it not better that the therapies also be based on methods of science?
Patient: yes of course.
Me: if a therapy has to be scientific, it has to progress like this.
First an observation is made. Not a vague observation, but something that is rigorously quantified.
Then a hypothesis is made based on observation. Hypothesis is then tested. Based on the test result the hypothesis is revised. The revised hypothesis is again tested and hypothesis may again be revised. This goes on and on. Finally a hypothesis of medicine x is best for disease y will be proved convincingly and will appear in treatment protocols.
Science does not stop here. Results from treatment will be evaluated again and again, against newer and older methods. Treatment protocols change according to new findings. Thus the search for a better and better therapy continues for ever.
This is the method of Science. You can use which ever therapy that is discovered through this way.
Patient: you mean allopathy (modern medicine) is better, right?
Me: what I meant was it is the method of science that will give you the best therapy!