God’s grace, a theist way of saying I am lucky!

When they achieve some thing, Theists say “by god’s grace”.

Is it not strange that Theists praise the god when things go their way, but do not blame him, but just curse their ill luck when they are the victim? Or are they actually pointing out to the luck they had by praising god? So god=luck?
Do those theists who kill & rape also say “by god’s grace”?
What about their victims? Should they believe that God is angry with them?
#religion #hypocrisy


4 thoughts on “God’s grace, a theist way of saying I am lucky!

  1. My qsn is if some good happens to atheist what atheist think & if some thing evil happens what atheist think?
    Now if some person says murder 10 ppl he will be condemn to jail for life or say will be awarded death penalty at the maximum…now his competitors killed 100000 ppl he will be awarded same sentnce.IS THIS JUSTICE?

    • Adil, life is a mixture of good and bad experiences for all living things. It can happen due to the direct effects of actions of themselves, or others or just by chance. So what to think about it?
      I am against death penalty. If some one killed some body or killed many, he/she should be given the harshest punishment possible according to the crime by the Courts as there is no one else to give punishment.

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