Some thoughts on Obama Victory

This was one of my tweets on hearing about victory of Barack Obama for a second term as President of USA-

“Racist” #USA elected a black as their President for second time When will ‘casteless’ and ‘secular’ India elect a Dalit or a Muslim as it’s PM?

Many a time our blood boil thinking about discrimination in foreign societies. But we fail to realize what is happening around us.

Several years ago, in late 1980s, I happened to meet a White South African. I started talking about Apartheid and could realize immediately that he was uncomfortable discussing that.I began to push him hard to a corner saying how can you say you are civilized…..

Suddenly he retorted. “For centuries your caste system made a quarter of your citizens untouchable and the discrimination is continuing. So how can you question me?”

I was speechless.


2 thoughts on “Some thoughts on Obama Victory

    • IHM, never said we can’t. But we should focus more on how we, the upper class/caste discriminate others than on some 1 else oppressing others in a distant land. Then only we can reduce the discrimination in our surroundings.

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