Bloggers meet to fight Internet censorship


Let us join together to fight internet censorship.
More details here


3 thoughts on “Bloggers meet to fight Internet censorship

  1. Dear Mr. Kapil Sibbal,

    I mostly write on twitter on atheism. I have a deep conviction that atheism is good for Indian society, which is still very superstitious and divided in sections, castes & treat others unequal not on individual merit but on their birth. I tweet against all the wrongs of all the religion, which may not be liked by believers. But, this is essential for them to know that there is no god, and humanity has to look for solution among themselves and not in supernatural beliefs.

    I also write on anti-corruption & against political party which are either corrupt or communal.



    Dr. Amit Ranjan

      • We can only match china or west on what we are good at, any sign of conservatism, umodernity, westoxication & stupidity, try matching china or west on science & technology Mr. Sibbal. Or Newly appointed Mr. Shashi Tharoor. Where is India going in education & human resource index.

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