Live and Multiply

What is the purpose of life?

Many philosophers from time immemorial have tried to answer this question.

Though I am not a philosopher I also had tried to answer this question some months ago through a blog post. But then  my answer was happiness. But that can be called secondary purpose for higher animals who has feelings like Happiness.

So what is the primary purpose of life for all living things?

What is the purpose for the life of say the Human Immune Deficiency Virus?

Purpose of life of HIV can be stated in a simple way. To live and multiply. For all living organisms on this earth living and multiplying seems to be the only thing they are doing consistently.
So if there is a purpose for human life it has to be primarily the same – live and multiply!


4 thoughts on “Live and Multiply

  1. yea arun ,you are right.our vedas says so too.i say to my friends “survive and leave your foot print” they say its so barbaric ,but its the bottom line of life all things .other than this is just flavours which change.

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