How to eliminate sexual harassment on streets

Which is the best way to eliminate sexual harassment on streets?

Choose the best answer. You can choose only one.

A. Write a protest letter to the newspaper

B.Ask your husband to do something about it

C.Do not go out on to the streets after 8 pm

D.Go out only if it is absolutely necessary, that too with a male relative

E.Organise women in your area and start an Occupy nights campaign in your city


12 thoughts on “How to eliminate sexual harassment on streets

  1. E. Organise women in your area and start an Occupy nights campaign in your city

    Along with campaigns to create awareness amongst the culprits – that harassment is an offense and would not be tolerated, and pressure on the police to act against any complaints against molesters/’eve-teasers’

    • I feel organised pressure from Women of all strata of society can change things a lot. Harassment takes place in the street and the best place to fight it is the street,

  2. Only option E will give a lasting solution but for this to happen it needs a good initiative from committed groups, else women will only resort to any of the other options mentioned.

    The question and the options provided made me realize yet again that it is a losing game for women in general. In India I think only in Bombay women will not think much before venturing out at night. One needs to know why.

    • Happy Kitten, My FB post on same topic had few more choices -:) will it change ur answer?

      F. All Women should wear burqas while going out

      G. Women should not work in night shifts

      H. Teach all women martial arts

      I. Counsel all men about this
      I do not think it is a losing battle. I strongly feel Women should come together and fight.
      Mumbai was the first Industrialised Cosmopolitan City of India….. That may be the reason.

  3. I would choose E too.

    Just read a couple of days back about a movement called Hollaback. It exists in several cities around the world and is a movement to end street sexual harrasment. Chennai has one too, in India.

    • Brown Vagabond, welcome here.
      Good to here there are movements to prevent street sexual harassment. Only women’s mass movement can do that.

  4. X: work to change societys view of women so that sexual harassment is seen as completely inacceptible by everyone. That’ll help not only against street-harassment, but against other categories of harassment too. Street-harassment is only a symptom. The real disease is in the way women are viewed.

    • Emind, Welcome here. A change in Society’s mind set is a good ideal to achieve. But how to achieve it is the question. A popular street movement of Women may help a great deal in this

  5. I strongly believe you missed out Option F: Capital punishment for those convicted of sexual harassment. This will allow convicted criminals to be made examples of for the rest (with similar intentions) to think twice before fulfilling their intentions.

    From the available options from A to E I would chose none. They have all been tried and tested at some point throughout history and never worked.

  6. BAB, welcome here.
    I am not for death sentence. I do not think threat of punishment will alone deter the harasser. If so there would not be any murder in this World.
    Was the option E tried in a convincing manner any where in history?

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