Is this hypocrisy?

3 BJP ministers of Karnataka who were caught on camera watching porn video on cellphone in the assembly, submitted their resignation with in hours of the scandal becoming public. CM had asked for their resignation after public pressure. Link

How easily these 3 ‘morally’ tainted ministers resigned? Compare this with the difficulty in getting resignation letters from Yeddy, Kalmadi, Raja etc who were not ‘morally’ tainted. Is there an element of moral policing in the way these ministers houses were stoned? Is this incident a victory or defeat for moral Police?


3 thoughts on “Is this hypocrisy?

  1. and how about PC? he headed a Ministry which made the nation lose millions… Swami may have lost his case for the time being but this does not clear PC at all.

    As for BJP, a frnd commented that it is because BJP takes a high moral ground and hence.. but then the question is, what moral ground and for whom? Hyprocracy at it’s heights and nothing else.

  2. A minister responsible for welfare of women and children watching a gang rape video in the assembly is a serious offense, specially when you consider his earlier remarks against women and in support of rapists. Statements like his should be challenged in the court because they embolden and encourage sexual assaults.

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