Crorepathies and Criminals in Parliament

300 ‘crorepatis‘ in new Lok Sabha
Here is an excerpt from an Indian Express report on Crorepathies in India’s newly elected Parliament.
The 543 MPs elected to the new Lok Sabha together have assets worth more than Rs 3,000 crore, while 300 of them can be called ‘crorepatis‘ as they own assets worth at least Rs one crore. The average asset size of an MP in the entire Lok Sabha works out to be more than Rs five crore.
In terms of combined assets of Lok Sabha representatives, AP is on the top with assets worth Rs 606 crore, followed by Maharashtra (close to Rs 500 crore), Tamil Nadu (about Rs 450 crore), Uttar Pradesh (about Rs 400 crore) and Haryana (Rs 181 crore) in the top five.
In a country with estimated 200 million earning less than 12 Rupees a day this is amazing statistic. Truly “representative” Parliament!!!!…..
The number of MPs with criminal records have gone up too.
Here are some excerpts from National Election Watch report on criminal records of MPs.
1. There are 150 newly elected MPs with criminal cases pending against them. Out of these, there are 73 MPs having serious charges against them.
2. As compared to 2004, the no of MPs with criminal records has gone up. There were 128 MPs with criminal cases in 2004 Lok Sabha out of which 55 had serious criminal records. There is an increase of about 17.2% in MPs with criminal records and 30.9% increase in the number of MPs with serious criminal records.
3. BJP has maximum MPs having criminal cases – 42 MPs have criminal cases against them, out of which 17 MPs have serious criminal cases against them. It is followed by Congress – 41 MPs with criminal cases out of which 12 MPs have serious charges against them.
4. Amongst the states, UP has maximum MPs with criminal cases (total of 31 out of which 22 have serious charges against them). Maharashtra is second with 23 MPs having criminal cases out of which 9 have serious cases against them.

Sorry State of Indian politics continues.


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