Communalism and Indian Politics

During the recent G 20 summit,US President Obama said that India and Pakistan’s greatest enemy should be poverty, not each other.
So rightly said, but will we listen?
The battle for ballot has started in India for the Parliamentary elections. Main point discussed among political parties are hate speeches. The debate in the media is who is more communal than other. One party is trying to raise fear among majority while the other party is trying to cash in on the fear of minorities and backward classes.
Why communalism plays such a prominent role in Indian politics?
The most important division in India is between the rich and the poor. Mumbai is the prime example with small number of people with large wealth and large number of people with almost nothing live side by side. This is an explosive situation. People will start asking questions and may even revolt. What to do?
The religion, region and to some extend caste come to the rescue of the rich. So the Ram mandir, Maratha pride and Islamism are invented to prevent unity of the poor. The poor Muslim labourer is lynched by a mob for ‘preventing’ the building of Ram Mandir. The poor train passengers are killed by Islamist bombs as a revenge. The Bihari coolie is be-headed by poor and unemployed Marathi youth for Maratha pride.
The rich laugh all the way to the bank.
Who ever wins it is a win-win situation for them.


7 thoughts on “Communalism and Indian Politics

  1. “During the recent G 20 summit,US President Obama said that India and Pakistan’s greatest enemy should be poverty, not each other.So rightly said, but will we listen?”Yeah ,right. India has waged conventional wars against Pakistan in the past and is carrying out a proxy war for the last 20 years.

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  3. Good point Charakan.Thanks to our british masters, our politicians have learnt very well the dirty tricks of the trade – in India if you want to have a meteoric rise in politics or if you want to win votes – what would one do? “divide and rule” or “unite and lead”? which one would be easier ?The answer seems pretty obvious given the diversity in India.Doesn’t it? And our politicians unfortunately have taken the easier route.

  4. Nastik, welcome to the blog.This is not related to the electoral politics alone.If we need better infrastructure,better schools, better health care,better wages,more social security etc we should fight unitedly for it.Whether you are Hindu,Christian,Muslim or Sikh our needs are similar.Communalism is the tool used by the powerful to prevent such united action.

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