A Union of House Wives?

On the eve of International Women’s day an unique event occurred in Kalpetta,Kerala.
A trade union for housewives to fight for their rights was formed under the auspices of various women’s organisations on Saturday,March 7th. The Union plan to fight for their demands including minimum wages and a pension scheme.

Social activist V P Suhra, who inaugurated the launch of the new organisation, said the union would be “another milestone in the struggle for women across the globe”.

“In the present world, the struggles of women are not limited to women’s own issues. They are in the forefront of all agitations on issues regarding environment, justice, equitable distribution of natural resources and countless other social issues,” she pointed out.
Kerala always in forefront of progressive movements have one more such unique distinction. How far such movements will get wide acceptance among women remains to be seen.


12 thoughts on “A Union of House Wives?

  1. After reading the comments that Nimmy has compiled in her post yesterday, nobody can doubt that this should be done, compulsorily. Across religion and classes. And it should be a substantial part of the family income… very unlikely, all dutiful, family loving women will refuse to expect anything for their selfless sacrifices.Unless it becomes a LAW. A party might win elections on this ground but it might also cause divides, make even male feminist wonder if they are being exploited … just wondering, never gave it a thought, thinking what kind of repercussions will this have.

  2. Thatz nice 🙂 But people like you and me know that it is just a dream or an illusion -housewives with trade union…hmmm.. I aprreciate them,atleast they took the effort,but i have no hope . Housewives are always looked down and i hate it i hate it i hate it,being called a housewife 😦 I don’t look down at my works,i do them with atmost happiness and commitment..But in the end of the day,i am ‘just a housewife; where as a sewing lady is a career woman 😦 oh,how i ahte this bloddy hypocracy,i hate it.. Housewives do work from dawn till dusk and still they don’t get a word of appreciation.Oh well ask me “Why do you want to get appreciated or said good words,afterall,its your duty”..Agreed,it is my duty,but i am also a human being yearning for some appreciation for the works i do,may it be a dish or some housekeeping.I hate being a housewife bcoz i am being looked down as one with ‘no much work’..Hell,you men work in office and we work in home.Simply bcoz you go outside,yours become a huggggge task and tiresome work and you need rest once you return home.What about me ,don’t I need any rest? oh yeah,I am taking REST in between my works,but I am doing it all alone,in between four walls..and you are working outside with different people,in a different atmosphere each day and there are less chances of you feeling bored or sick of going same work every day.Oh,this is a long rant ..sorry,but i just wanted to shout and i can shout only at friends ..I don’t expect and I DON’T WANT any trade unions to interefere in my life,but i hope people,non-trade uion people around me empathize with me..Oh well,I am a stupid lady,all i know is complaining..Hell with me..I remember how true was our professor in CUSAt who said that ‘It is unfruitful to teach all these economics and management lessons to girls,afterall,they are going to end up cooking dal,but when you educate a boy,you save a whole family’..ah,how true…

  3. Hmm, I dont know, whether this is progressive or not.A union, for housewives, to educate them on their rights, create awareness about the law, which they can use, are all great initiatives. This could be a good forum for empowerment for house wives. But to talk about minimum wages for my mom’s love, feels to be a little too much! Do you really want me to put a price on that? I really cant. And isn’t a family far above wages! And whom are they fighting for wages from?

  4. Nimmy your rants are welcome.Yes the women’s groups involved in this are radical fringe groups.They do not have any wide spread support.Still thinking about such a novel idea and holding such a meeting,is a good step.It will help in highlighting the plight of House wives. Call yourself a home maker,not house wife and be proud of your work.I think people appreciate home makers. They may not vocalise it but do praise in their minds.Nimmy why dont you try to get some other work that can be done from home on line?

  5. Bombay Dosti, For a house wife with a caring and loving husband with whom she is happy to live the entire life there is no problem.But in many families wives are abused and there is no love.One of the major reason that a wife clinges on to marriage is lack of money.

  6. Charakan,I just want to tell you that I don’t belong to this category of //But in many families wives are abused and there is no love.One of the major reason that a wife clinges on to marriage is lack of money// :)I am very much blessed with all love and care but Its just that I want to work..But oh well,i am thinking of stoping to crib about this small thing..I ahve everything else and i would be disrepect to Him and God that I just keep ranting the same slogan..Afterall,working too isn’t an easy task ;-)ha ha,homemaker?? What is malayalam of homemaker?? Grihanatha? But the problem is people ask me ‘Are you working?’ Obviously,I am supposed to answer ‘No’.. duh,its mostly ladies who give you that stupid mean look :-/

  7. The money ideally should come from the family itself. When you think in a different way,most of the Govt money is now given away to Corporates to prevent bankruptcy in this era of recession.So why not prevent a bankrupt and homeless wife comitting suicide?

  8. It is not a practical idea irrespective of whether the money comes from family income or government.When has the government given money to corporates? It has given concessions.It is not the job of the Government to give away money to housewives. Even if it gives how will it make sure that the housewives retain that money? Regarding the second option, if the money comes from the family , then will the housewife pay her share of the rent and the utilities as well?

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