Pension for madrassa teachers – a fodder for Sangh Parivar?

The Kerala Government has announced a contributory pension scheme for Madrassa teachers above the age of 65,who had worked for atleast 10 years.The contributions from the teacher,the mosque/madrassa committee and the State Wakf Board along with a Government grant will be used for giving the pension.
I know few madrassa teachers and they are not very well off. They are only given a meagre amount as salary. So giving them a pension with some State support should be welcomed.
But some are unhappy with the scheme.They ask the following questions.
Why the Government should give pension to religious teachers who are not Government employees? Why only such benefits are given to Muslims? Is it not appeasement of minorities to gain vote?
The Kerala Government have also announced that there are proposals for pension scheme under active consideration of the Government for people associated with temple tradition. So does it not answer to the complaint that Muslims are favoured? One should also remember that the salary and pension for all Temple employees are given by the Government.
My Take
There is a big difference between Hindu temples and Muslim mosques/madrassas in Kerala. Almost all the revenues from the Temples are taken by the Government.This is like that because before Independence most of the Temples were governed by the local Kings.So after Independence instead of giving the right to govern lucrative temples to feuding landlords, the Government took up the responsibility,first in South Kerala and recently due to popular demand in North Kerala too. So the Government also was entrusted with the job of looking after the temple employees.
On the other hand, the Government do not have any role in the working of the madrassas/mosques. The money earned by the mosque is not shared with the Government.The Government only get the fixed contribution for the working of Wakf Board.

So in my opinion the Government need not have jumped in to this scheme for giving pension to madrassa teachers. A more rational,logical and secular move would have been to ensure minimum wages are being paid by the committees to madrassa teachers. The Government can also through the Wakf Board urge the local mosque committees to ensure that pension is given to the teachers. A one time grant to the Wakf Board to help poor mosque committees may also be logical.
This pension scheme will not address the social and educational backwardness of Muslims.
This ill conceived move will only help Sangh Parivar to mobilise majority community through out India against minority ‘appeasement’.
In effect this scheme may be detrimental to minority community.


17 thoughts on “Pension for madrassa teachers – a fodder for Sangh Parivar?

  1. I agree…As you mentioned,it would have been better if Govt had given a one time grant or something ,so that better infrastructure or higher basic salary could be given so that they themselves can evolve into a better system..Giving pension to Madrassa teachers is an extra expenditure for govt,unlike aided schools..I had the same opinion for Hajj subsidy too,but who is gonna listen to my rants…On a different take,do you think government should have the power to appoint teachers in aided schools,rather than the management doing it-taking lakhs of money as bribe..Since govt is paying the salary,don’t they deserve the right to appoint teachers through public service exams…

  2. Bones, yes the pension scheme is ill conceived.I have a feeling that it will do more harm for the minority cause because Sangh Parivar will use this to rally anti-muslim sentiments.Hitchwriter, Yes,Short term and narrow political interests by the Left which I feel due to the peculiar situation of Kerala will not get them any votes.

  3. Nimmy,your ‘Rants’ are very important.So carry on.Aided Schools in Kerala is unique because the Government who pays the salary have no role in appointing the teachers. The Hindu Caste organisations along with Christian and Muslim managements collects huge bribes to appoint not-so-qualified teachers. In 1959 the first Left front Ministry tried to make the appointments thru PSC. That resulted in the notorious’VIMOCHANA SAMARAM’ in which all communal elements lead by the Church,Muslim League and Nair Service society along with the Congress joined hands and toppled the ministry with the help of Central Government. Since then nobody was brave enough to touch the Aided Schools.The current Government is considering some moves to get more control by involving the local bodies.

  4. oh,is that what vimochan samaram was all about??I just knew..Forget this move happening,no management-hindu muslim or christian is going to allow it..they are rolling over money and don’t want to lose it. If they find threated,they will bring out the communal card **rolls eyes*** Sad that our so called enlightened state too is no different from the rest..

  5. Over and Over, history has taught us that communism is not the answer to growth. I believe Kerela and Bengal will never learn it.Distributing Govt’s money to someone who has not even served it?Call it vote-bank politics or appeasement of minorities or some form of communism! This along with subsidies, is definitely not the long term answer to economic woes plaguing India.isn’t it?

  6. Chikki,Here I do not want the Govt money spend like this. I wont mind distributing Govt money to those who are really needy.Being a doc I have given any number of certificates to poor patients to get some financial relief as they have a huge economic burden due to illness.I always prefer a universal health care scheme like that in Western Europe to the Insurance and market driven health care system in U.S.

  7. Anonymous,Please come out with a name I feel you are the same person commenting in my other posts too. Yes it is communal appeasement.Such communal and casteist appeasements are done by all political parties. The Congress and other regional Parties do it to all communities and Castes as per the political climate of the region. On the other hand BJP mainly appease Hindus as a whole and also different castes among Hindus.

  8. as you said it is a communal appeasement. and it is done by all parties to their supposed vote banks. you said bjp appeases hindus mainly. similarly congress appeases minorities mainly. what has it done to appease hindus?these actions will be detrimental as have the policies for last 60 years. not only sangh parivar but every secular person must oppose such moves.-anon

  9. Appeasement for votes is bad.The major culprit is BJP because their ideology is not secular.So they can and will only appease Hindus. Congress aims to get votes from all sections of the society. So they can never appease one religion alone.They try to appease everybody. So Congress is better because there wont be much discrimination between religion. Two Glaring examples of Congress appeasement of Hindus are opening of Babri Masjid for Hindu worship and allowing the demolition of the Masjid by Sangh Parivar. From now on will not respond to you if you are remaining anonymous.

  10. Charakan I agree with your last comment. Very well said. I find BJP is absolutely not secular, and creates a feeling of ‘victim-hood’ amongst Hindus, where they try to create a feeling (brainwashing) that all minorities are being pampered at the cost of Hindus. This is incorrect, the fact is Congress does appease but they appease all, basically by inaction. Congress fears losing the votes of any section, so they never take a very strong stand, all was fine, until they remained weak in Babri Masjid, Orrisa, and Post Godhra violence. The good thing is they do never make hate speeches. I am never able to understand how can Congress appeasement compare with incitement of hatred and violence and killing.

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