Slumdog – Nothing to be written about

Watched Slumdog Millionaire. Nothing much to write about.It is not worth the effort of talking or writing about. Meanwhile you can read a review of the film by noted film maker Hariharan here.I agree with almost everything written by this reviewer.

Few excerpts from the review:

“The main problem with “Slumdog Millionaire” is the disease that infects the majority of Bollywood filmmaking. It germinates from a pitiable script, overloaded and heavily dependent on caricatures rather than characters.”

“I do not want to compare this film to similar India-based films made by western producers such as “Monsoon Wedding” or “Fire”. It would be a great insult to them.”


4 thoughts on “Slumdog – Nothing to be written about

  1. I kind of agree ….but I just heard … just switched on the TV after reading this lol, and I can hear the sound mixing guy talking about bringing to the audience …Bombay’s cacophony :)I am happy for them 🙂 And if somebody likes a movie they are free to award it :)We don’t like it we don’t award it 🙂

  2. IHM, May be the hype was the reason for disappointment. Yes, everybody is free to like and dislike the movie. Most probably this movie will be remembered for the awards and not for the its quality.

  3. Piper,My view only.See it with an open mind. For me it was a hard-to-believe feel-good old bollywood style script depicted in a fast moving no-nonsense hollywood manner,but not justifying either styles.

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