Inhuman Development.The story of other India

Neo Colonialism?

Children’s cries were heard from a container lorry bearing Karnataka registration number KA 03 – 4117, when it passed by Eranjipalam junction near Kozhikode City in Kerala in the morning of February 5. Two youths who were travelling behind the lorry was puzzled hearing cry of children from inside a parcel lorry completely covered all around.They informed by mobile phones their friends working in Shops at Eranhipalam. Shopkeepers and passersby gathered at junction stopped the vehicle, and asked the driver to open the back door.

As the door opened, the sight that unfolded was unbelievable. Inside the cabin were some 45 exhausted “beings” huddled up and soaked in sweat. Clothes, utensils and other material to put up temporary shelters were also strewn around inside the vehicle.
“Most of them were women and children and they looked pathetic,’’ said a shopkeeper of Eranjipalam. 19 of them were children between 2 months and 5 years.There were 22 Women and only 4 men.The children were crying.The police were called in and on being quizzed, the men said the group had started from Chitradurga in Karnataka,the previous evening and were being taken by a private contractor in a hell of a vehicle travelling 18 hours to a cable digging site for the Kerala State Electricity Board in Kozhikode.
The workers claimed that they had got pretty used to such inhuman means of transportation in Karnataka work sites.
Wagon Tragedy
This incident brought back memories of the Wagon Tragedy, which took place on November 10, 1921.After suppressing the Malabar rebellion, the British had packed 70 prisoners into a railway goods wagon at Tirur railway station in Kerala to be sent to the Coimbatore jails.By the time they reached their destination, 61 of the prisoners had died from suffocation.

The British have left long ago.But don’t you think the poor of our Country are still languishing under ‘Swadeshi’ Colonialism?
adapted from February 6th issue of Deccan Herald and Mathurbhoomi

9 thoughts on “Inhuman Development.The story of other India

  1. Oh my god. This is scary!But I don’t think this is the “OTHER” side of India, THIS IS IN FACT INDIA . The “OTHER” side is probably the developed side.We need double digit growth for many many years to come, if we are to get over “Swadeshi Colonialism”

  2. Doctor,this is indeed very terrible case of inhumane attitude of we so called humans..This is not new,but always happens,its just that it got caught this time..I have seen with my own eyes,where kids of 4-6 years and so are brought from tamil nade and all and are ’employed’ in houses for jobs varying from grass cutting to playing with kids in the house.These brokers (who are tamilians themselves) bring these girls and boys (from 6 yrs to 18 yrs) and are distributed to various parts of the state,for domestic works,with very small pay.In fact,i have seen that in most cases,father and mother themselves bring their kids and put them heer and go and bloody people call every 30 th of the month,to sent these kids salary by money order..So at the end of the year,those who work have no money of their own.In most cases,the father would have spent it on alchohol..So so so sad Doctor.But i ahve to say that talking against this as child labour is not right either..Here,they live well,with good food,good shelter,good clothes and in most cases,they are trated as family members and taken to functions.Yes,there are nad apples,but majority are good and thatz why they like to come to our state and go back to Tamil nadu once a year,buying all items,as like thoe people would come from Gulf for vacation..Back in their home,they have a hrd life and will have to work in fields for very very less pay..Soo,they are here,looking for a better life..Sorry i ranted out of scope..I shared this,as the people i talked about too,come in train this way as in the case of this post,without taking ticket,stuffed in general compartment,wiht hardly any food in the way..Bottom line is,humans don’t care much for others life..The less money you have,the less valued is your life..

  3. Unbelievable.And to think that these people got used to it… The only good thing in the whole episode is that two youngsters actually took the pain to find out what’s happening.Heartening to know ..

  4. There is no doubt that the poor in India are exploited in every way, this is horrendous. And how helpless can people be go so far, in such conditions, for a job that is barely going to meet their daily needs.The worse part is they do not even know they are being exploited. They say they are used to this.

  5. @chikki, Growth meaning the economic growth in terms of GDP many a time increases colonialism.[Actually high GDP growth means someone is being badly exploited].Perhaps what we need is not a high growth rate but a moderate one with a human face.

  6. @Nimmy, Rants are welcome.”Less money you have less valued is your life”Very correct.Stiil humans are different from animals because of our ability for compassion empathy.Most of us dream about a World without all this suferrings because of that.@Layman, I think this is the story behind most of the development works in India. Kerala being a State with high sensitivity against labour exploitation, this was a Front Page news.Anywhere else [I feel]this wont create a ripple.

  7. IHM,yes most of them are unaware of being exploited.Still awareness level is increasing.This will create social tensions especially in a time of economic recession.Planning for an inclusive growth is important to prevent a violent social upheaval.

  8. And to think that something like Slumdog Millionaire actually meets with protests for ‘showing India in poor light’..Good post.First sign of a decaying society is the total lack of compassion for fellow citizens.

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