Karnataka Government orders special Poojas ‘for safety of Women’

The molestation of Women by activists of a Hindutva group in Mangalore on January 24th Saturday, is an example of how fascism works in India.It is a serious attack on the democratic functioning of the Indian Polity. Fascists are bullies who aim at soft targets like women, children, artistes,schools, cinema halls etc.
There was another interesting news from Karnataka the next day.Read this Hindu report.
Temples asked to do Shanti Puja
BANGALORE: In a communique here on Sunday, Minister for Religious Endowment Malur S.N. Krishnaiah Shetty said the agama pandits had opined that the [solar]eclipse portends bad times for the State. As per their advice, category A and B temples belonging the department, both Shaiva and Vaishnava, have been asked to do “Grahana Shanti” by performing Mruthyunjaya Japa, Mruthyunjaya Havana, Udaka Shanti Patana and Nakshatra Havana on Monday. “This is for the safety of people of State,” he said, and invited devotees to participate in the pujas. — Staff Reporter

So the Karnataka Government is beefing up the safety of the people of the State by special poojas.Will that include safety of Women from rampaging Hindutva hooligans?


12 thoughts on “Karnataka Government orders special Poojas ‘for safety of Women’

  1. All this just makes me so angry. I hope the people of Mangalore manage to ban this Sena… but I have no hopes… really.What’s going to become of this country? If this does not put an end to fascism and Sena rule then what will? I have received a foolish comment (deleted) that says if alcoholism is wrong for men why can’t women be stopped!? Does he really believe that this is about stopping of alcoholism!!! If we have such people around, what will become of us!

  2. Oh that guy who comments, he is a professional troll- an MRA- the “save the family” people, who in the guise of “family” mean patriarchy.I wonder what other “tamasha” is in store. The BJP and its allies are capable of ANYTHING.

  3. Dont these men have women at their own house ?? Is this how they show their opposition at home ?? Dont know what moral these so called moral police themselves have ?? They are not moral police, they are totally imbecile, immoral goonda’s who need to be put behind bars and made to rot !

  4. IHM, This horrific incident and its reactions may temporarily weaken the Ravana Sena[as u called it],but in long term,they will utilise this publicity to attract more and more far right extremist elements of Sangh Parivar. Fascism is an ideology and need to be addressed as such and not as a law and order problem.A joint fight by all democratic forces is the need of the hour.We should fight it in our houses,offices, Schools,Colleges,Temples,in all our Social gatheirngs,in our Media etc.Silence means death

  5. @lankrita, welcome to the blog. The order issued by the BJP Minister of Karnataka to all the Temples to conduct special Poojas is a blatant violation of our Secular Constitution. The fact that none of you or anyone in the media [apart from a small mention in the The Hindu] pointed it out shows how far towards Right and Saffron, our Civil Society have traveled in these 60 years.

  6. Hitchwriter,as I commented before they are not just Goondas.They are the grass root workers of a Fascist ideology.They should be punished but isolating and defeating the ideology is most important.Solilo,here the same ppl run the Government.So there will be only some show of action.KPJ, Stone age might have been a better option than Nazi Germany.

  7. Fascism – yes the word has the correct sound to it. My heart goes out to all those who had to suffer this ordeal and also to so many others who have suffered at the hands of such anti social elements in the past.

  8. Shail,I added the ‘women’ part.The minister meant the safety of all people of Karnataka and it was circulated the next day of pub attack.Vally, yes when they stoned the artistes and human right activists we looked away.Now they got the courage to attack any one

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