Pre emptive strike….Killing Children to prevent them becoming ”Terrorists”

The massacre of Gaza continues with over 150 children killed out of a total of around 700 Palestinian deaths. Israel believes in the doctrine of preemptive strike
Preemptive strike….Killing Children to prevent them becoming ”Terrorists”
[The pictures of the dead and injured children of Gaza has been deleted from this post on 12th January as it may hurt the sentiments of viewers.You can view the pictures and blogs from Palestine at this site]

MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES [MSF] the International Medical Aid Agency in a statement said

“Today, 1.5 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip — almost half of them children — are the victims of incessant shooting and bombing,” said Franck Joncret, MSF’s head of mission. “How can anyone believe that such a steamroller attack would spare civilians, who are prevented from fleeing, and are crowded in a densely-populated enclave?”

A report of the scene in Gaza Hospital from Sydney Morning Herald
Salah Samouni banged his head in grief against a wall inside the hospital morgue where the bodies of his three little nephews lay on the floor.
His relatives screamed at exhausted doctors, begging them to find people still buried under rubble.
After 10 days of a relentless Israeli assault, Shifa Hospital, Gaza’s largest, is overwhelmed. Bodies are now crowded two to a morgue drawer, and some – like those of the Samouni children – are on the floor.
Many of the wounded are treated in hallways because rooms are full. Harried doctors and nurses run on little sleep, and the hospital is powered by emergency generators after shelling damaged power cables.
“Who ever comes with a head, we check his pulse. If there’s no pulse, he’s straight to the morgue. If there’s no head, well, goodbye,” said hospital official Raid Arini on Monday.
The hospital scenes have only worsened since Israel began a ground offensive on Saturday.
Most of the dead and wounded now arriving at Shifa are civilians, as Israel’s offensive shifts from airstrikes to artillery shelling and ground fighting close to densely populated areas.

Israel it seems wants Palestinians to die with stomach full of food.That’s why they agreed 2 days ago for a 3 hour truce every day to bring in convoy of trucks with relief materials.

But from now on Palestinians will have to die on empty stomach as United Nations [UN] have from today suspended Aid work in Gaza because ‘four of its staff have been killed by Israeli army,’U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said.


The Red Cross has slammed Israel for breaching international humanitarian law after relief workers found four starving children clinging to their mothers’ corpses in a bombed house in Gaza.
The ICRC accused Israel of delaying ambulance access to the hit area and demanded it grant safe access for Palestinian Red Crescent ambulances to return to evacuate more wounded.
‘This is a shocking incident,’ said Pierre Wettach, ICRC chief for Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

To know more about the situation in Gaza before the massacre read this New york Times Op Ed article

While the killings were relentlessly continuing the Britain’s high profile Middle-East peace envoy the former Prime Minister Tony Blair was not seen anywhere.In a weekend interview, Gordon Brown the current Prime Minister was asked if he had talked to his predecessor since the crisis began. He replied: ‘Tony’s on holiday at the moment.’

The leaders of US [the main ally of Israel in this cold blooded murders] were seen in a party in the White House as more and more toddler ‘terrorists’ were getting killed.

What will Israel achieve other than killing of thousands of Palestinians?

It will help in increasing the support for Hamas among Palestinians.

It will strengthen the Islamist fundamentalists all over the World.

It will increase terrorist strikes all over the World ensuring more innocent lives will be lost.

It will weaken the peace loving and moderate leaders in the Arab World

It will put to increased risk all Israelis and Americans travelling abroad.

more and more…… this.


8 thoughts on “Pre emptive strike….Killing Children to prevent them becoming ”Terrorists”

  1. ‘.. relief workers found four starving children clinging to their mothers’ corpses in a bombed house in Gaza.’ This is what WAR really is. Not what we watch in the movies with patriotic tunes and the Tricolor in the background!Yes such atrocities might lead to a feeling of unity and might ‘strengthen the Islamist fundamentalists all over the World’ …So much awareness of human rights, and still we are not able to do anything about this.

  2. IHM, Gaza massacre is much worse than war.As David Lloyd said in his letter to Obama,it “constitute one of the most massive, ethnocidal atrocities of modern times”.The women and children of Gaza had no way open to escape.Western double standards in Human rights is well known.Still we look towards them for guidance.

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