Proposed Christmas day Orissa Bandh called off

Happy news at last.
The proposed Christmas day 12 hour shutdown [Bandh] in the State of Orissa was called off late evening on Friday .
What ever the reason for this change of mind let me congratulate and thank the organisers of the proposed Bandh for calling it off. I hope the measure will bring some relief to the beleaguered people of Orissa.
The people whose actions that might have made the VHP change its mind include
1.Naveen Patnaik,Chief Minister of Orissa [although an ally of BJP] who strongly opposed the Bandh
2.Chandan Mitra, journalist and BJP Rajya Sabha member and Dharmendra Pradhan BJP Lok Sabha MP who negotiated [may be as advised my Mr Advani] with the VHP and the Chief Minister so that the BJP-BJD alliance will not fall before Parliament elections.
3.Pressure from European Union diplomats who toured the State recently
4. Pressure from National Human Rights Commission
I thank each one of you who supported this cause and signed the petition appealing for postponement of Christmas day Bandh.
Our fight for an India where everyone gets Justice should continue. Let us be alert about any injustice happening in our Country we all love


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