Orissa Bandh call on Christmas day.A call for more rioting?

A 12 hour Bandh [shutdown] have been called in Orissa by Swami Laxmananda Saraswati Sradhanjali Samiti a front organisation of Viswa Hindu Parishad[VHP] on the day of Christmas.The call is to protest against the inaction of the State Government in arresting the killers of Swami Laxmananda, a prominent VHP leader of Orissa.
Swami Laxmananda along with 4 others was killed on the night of 23rd August 2008 by about 30 armed men. According to the Police, Maoists [Left extremists] was behind the attack.But the Hindutva extremists lead by VHP accused militant Christians for the killing. They organised a massive communal riot in many Districts of Orissa for weeks,killing many Christians,raping nuns and destroying churches.
Later prominent Maoist leader Sabyasachi Panda claimed responsibility to the murder. The VHP was not at all convinced. They are still insisting that the Swami was killed by Christian groups.
They issued an ultimatum to the Government to arrest the Christian militants. The Government have arrested a few suspects who are Maoists. VHP is not satisfied. They have now called for a Bandh on Christmas day. The State Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik is firmly opposing the call for bandh on the most important day for the Christian World.But it was the same Chief Minister who under pressure of its ally BJP in the ruling coalition allowed the terror on Christians to continue for days.
So the communal divide is deepening in Orissa. The Sangh Parivar want to transform Orissa to another Gujarat. All is set for a violent Bandh on December 25. How can we prevent it?
Will an online petition to Mr L.K.Advani the Opposition leader will help to dissuade the VHP from organising the Bandh?


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